Linda performed Healing Touch on me after 5 of my 6 chemotherapy treatments. Of those 5 sessions where I received Healing Touch, I was grateful to find that I was able to return to my daily activities much faster compared to the one session where I was not able to meet Linda.

Carol Bittman

Working with Linda has left me inspired to embrace the core of who I am. 
Linda is a rare balance of clinician, healer and guide.

Rebecca Lee

Linda embodies a healing, compassionate and guiding presence.   

Michelle H.F.

Linda is a model for non-judgemental support.

Scripps Evaluation

Testimonials about Linda

Linda's first impetus is to find the positive in people and situations and to look for and honor everyone's strengths.


Linda is one of our most beloved therapists- her expertise and compassion blend well to make her very effective with patients. She is frequently acknowledged in both patient and staff rounding for her compassion and good work.

Manager at Scripps Hospital Outpatient Program

Linda has a knack for giving fair yet compassionate feedback.


Linda is an intuitive healer that works with the client to promote their highest human and spiritual potential.

Sue Shrader-Hanes

 Support Wholeness